Amicus Networx

Amicus’ expertise is in the design, installation, and support of networks in the multifamily, senior living, student housing, commercial, and hospitality verticals. 


Based in Boston, MA, Amicus Networx, a SNA Company, is a networking/managed Wi-Fi/Streaming TV Service provider that brings expertise born out of 20 years of experience across 5,000 deployments. We operate in all 50 states and 7 of 10 Canadian provinces. 

We believe in doing things right, and in doing the right thing. Our motto is more than just words, Integrity First is something we practice every day. 

We are run today by the same person who started the company back in 2001, giving us a level of flexibility not achievable by most of our competitors. Being one of only 6 certified providers to Marriott and Hilton, we have an unparalleled support infrastructure and the experience and financial stability to ensure we are here to do the right thing today and into the future.  

What We Do

Amicus’ expertise is in the design, installation, and support of networks in the multifamily, hospitality, and commercial verticals.

We deploy one unified solution, a single network that supports all of your technology today and into the future.

A network that delights your residents increases your Net Operating Income and property value and is supported by an unparalleled level of service.

Our Value Proposition

Partnered with Corning Fiber, we save our clients money by installing state-of-the-art fiber networks that are fast, reliable, and future-ready.

Our networks provide enterprise-grade security, “Instant-On” for all devices connecting to the network, and seamless, property-wide service.

We increase Net Operating Income and property valuation.

We oversee all aspects of the installation and ongoing support, coordinating resources, ensuring your staff is focused on their core competencies, not the network. In essence, we keep you out of the internet business, but keep you in the revenue stream.


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